School Readiness Programme

HeadStart for Life’s School Readiness Programme offers intervention services for children between 3 – 9 years old, who are facing challenges in school and at home.

Our daily 3-hour sessions provide a holistic and diversified approach for children having developmental delays, learning difficulties, and/or social communication issues in the home, school and social environment.

Each child will receive an Individualised Education Plan (IEP), which is a tailor-made, one to one intervention programme for your child. The IEP consists of goals focusing on strengthening the key developmental milestones according to the age of the child.

The programme supports the child’s growth in the areas of communication (speech and language), motor skills (fine and gross), sensory integration, emotional well – being, social skills and cognitive skills. It also reinforces academic concepts in literacy, numeracy, handwriting and art.

Our experienced and passionate professionals, therapists, and teachers are committed to work with those in both mainstream and special education. Our programme is all about helping your child to meet his or her needs!

Your child will receive the best from our Speech-language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Play Therapists, and Special Education Teachers, in collaboration with parents, school teachers, and other health professionals.

*For children older than 9 years old, enrolment in this programme can be assessed for suitability. Please contact us for more information.


Weekly Programme

  • 3 hours per day
  • Minimum three days a week
  • From 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., or from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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Who needs School Readiness Programme?

Children who have difficulty with:

  • Expressing themselves and understanding concepts or instructions
  • Motor coordination, requiring support in feeding, self-help skills and physical movements.
  • Processing different sensory inputs from the environment (e.g. noise, touch)
  • Managing stress, emotional regulation with family (detached from family)
  • Interacting and engaging with peers at school
  • Coping with lessons in school
  • Handwriting
  • Focusing and attending to teacher’s instructions
  • Following daily routines

Our School Readiness Programme Approach

HeadStart for Life assesses the following areas and devise a plan that will suit your child’s needs:

A. Communication (Speech and Language)

  • Communication allows your child to interact with the world around him/her.
  • Speech Therapy helps your child be a more effective communicator by facilitating speech production and language development. Read more here.

B. Sensory Integration and Motor Skills

  • A child’s main occupation is play and learning.
  • Occupational Therapy helps your child with physical, sensory, and/or cognitive needs to be as independent as possible in all areas of their lives. Read more here.

C. Self- Awareness and Social Skills Training

  • We believe that being aware of self and socialisation skills are very crucial in the overall progress of your child. We set goals that teach the appropriate behaviours when interacting with various environments. These goals are reinforced across all areas under the School Readiness Programme.
  • There are also separate sessions for Social Skills Training, whereby children of similar sets of skills are paired up or grouped together to work on skills that promote positive interaction with others, appropriate classroom behaviour, better ways to handle emotions, resolving conflicts, etc. Read more here.

D. Play Therapy

  • Play Therapy – and Therapeutic Play – is a well-established discipline based on a number of psychological theories.
  • In Play Therapy, we create a safe, confidential, and caring environment that allows your child to play within safe boundaries. This process allows healing to occur on many levels. Read more here.

E. Literacy

  • Our Literacy sessions are aimed at teaching your child to observe, listen, read, comprehend, evaluate, speak, and write effectively and systematically.
  • We teach essential sub-skills such as phonological awareness, phonics and decoding, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary, and use these sub-skills as a foundation for your child to write coherently and think critically about their written words.

F. Numeracy

  • Numeracy is a vital skill in everyone’s daily lives.
  • Your child will learn about counting, quantifying, sorting, ordering, relations, time, measurement, money and problem solving. These number concepts are taught through active learning and engaging tasks.

G. Handwriting

  • Handwriting is a developmental process that depends on the integration of other skills such as cognitive, perceptual and motor skills.
  • Our handwriting sessions use a multi-sensory approach to work on your child’s perceptual motor skills in a fun and interactive way in order to optimise your child’s curiosity and joy of learning.

H. Art

  • Art will cultivate the creative expressions of your child.
  • It helps your child to reinforce eye-hand coordination, fine motor and visual perception skills while creating an artwork.

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Our School Readiness Programme Process

Call for Appointment
Initial Consultation
Term Starts
Assessment Sessions
Individualised Educational Plan Conference
Fees start from $53 per hour

“ I am very pleased that my child has made progressive improvements after 2 terms in H-SRP! ”