Breaking Barriers – Early Intervention Programme

We believe that all children have their own individual strengths and interests. All children have the ability to learn when they are given with equal opportunities in an environment they can thrive in.

Breaking Barriers – Early Intervention Programme

Offers additional support and services for children with or at risk of developmental delay and their families from birth to six years of age. It aims to help children acquire and apply skills that they are specifically challenged with through professional and structured intervention in a group setting.

Headstart for Life at Katong and Novena has been appointed by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) to run the approved Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children -P (EIPIC-P), ‘Breaking Barriers – Early Intervention Programme’. The EIPIC- P programme offers Early Intervention servicecs for eligible children under 7 years old who have been assessed and recommended for Early Intervention by their paediatricians.  Children enrolled in the EIPIC -P programme will receive subsidies that will help to partially defray the cost of the EI services received.

For more information on the EIPIC -P programme, please contact us or visit SG Enable’s Website to find out more.

* Headstart at Novena also offers private Early Intervention Programmes for clients not under EIPIC-P.  

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Who needs Early Intervention Programme?

The EIP programme is a specialised support programme for children who are identified to have developmental delay, diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other additional needs. It aims to help children develop functional skills they need to take part in everyday activities.

Our EIP Approach

We use Activity – Based Intervention (ABI), which allows the integration of intervention goals into the daily experiences of the child in physical and social environments. We develop the child’s functional skills applied across environments and situations through play, routines and daily activities.

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Our Breaking Barriers – Early Intervention Programme Process

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