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School Readiness Programme

Simple Tips to Help Your Child Be Handwriting-Ready

  Hello! Welcome back to Beyond Therapy. This week, I would like to share some tips on how to support your child’s development of handwriting skills. Many parents are concerned with handwriting

10 months ago by 2 minutes

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School Readiness Programme

Building Blocks for Writing Skills

Hi! Welcome to Beyond Therapy, HeadStart for Life’s blog to enrich your parenting journey with your little ones. Watching your child grow is one of the most treasured experience in parents’ li

2 years ago by 2 minutes

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Occupational Therapy

Understanding Handwriting Skills in Children

Handwriting refers to a person’s writing created with a writing tool such as a pencil. It is a complex fine motor skill dependent on the integration of eye-hand coordination, attention and moto

4 years ago by 1 minute

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