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School Readiness Programme

Simple Tips to Help Your Child Be Handwriting-Ready

  Hello! Welcome back to Beyond Therapy. This week, I would like to share some tips on how to support your child’s development of handwriting skills. Many parents are concerned with handwriting

10 months ago by 2 minutes

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Speech Therapy

We Learn As ONE: The Benefits of Inclusive Education

Welcome back HeadStart for Life readers! In my past blog entries, I’ve talked a lot more about evidence-based practices for parents and educators to help differently-abled children improve their com

1 year ago by 3 minutes

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Speech Therapy

5 Reasons Why Your Child Gets Stuck in His Level of Play

In our previous posts, we have highlighted the importance of play in the development of our children. For children with special needs, especially children with autism, play does not come naturally. Th

4 years ago by 2 minutes

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