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Posted on Monday, January 13, 2020 by 2 minutes

Hello dear readers! The HeadStart For Life team extends our warm wishes as we make way for 2020! In looking forward to the adventures of 2020, we would like to fondly remember and share some inspiring and heart-warming incidents with our students last year. We truly gain insights and laughter from our students too! Through their actions and statements, we can learn something meaningful.

Be Caring

A 7-year old boy was tasked to use 3 words to describe himself and answered: “I am/I can… good boy, take care of puppy and take care of my mother and auntie.” I must agree that he should be proud of being able to care for others! Aside from our physical and material gains, we should be pleased with our capability to love and care.

Dare to Dream!

While talking about future tense and community helpers, a 12-year old boy was asked to share his dream profession and without hesitation, he blurted, “a soldier”. He further explained that he wants to save people. It is uplifting to know that at such a young age, he has a matured heart and mind. Just like our future soldier, let us continue setting goals and fulfilling each one.


Appreciate even the small things

Despite envisioning a tough dream, our 12-year old soldier dreamer keeps a loving and gentle character. Among all the family members, he would usually be the one appreciating things such as mom’s haircut, grandma’s dish, etc. With all the advancements, materials and fame surrounding us, we should remember to be thankful and appreciative even the small stuff.

Stand for your right!

My 12-year old student communicates through iPAD and gestures. He used to solely communicate for the purpose of obtaining an item but lately he has been communicating more especially when something is wrong. There was an incident that he tapped his mom and re-enacted how a classmate pushed him. He is able to report incidents even without a single word. He inspires us to defend ourselves and fight for our rights in a “quiet” and dignified manner.

Speak up

Every session, my 5-year old little girl student would reject this musical squirrel toy. She used to reject it in a very anxious, loud manner but now she rejects in a polite, calm manner by simply stating “I don’t like.” She’s pretty firm and consistent with this and would openly state what toys she prefers. Our little girl reminds us to be firm with your beliefs but learn to express it in a polite, respectful way.


Pause and have fun

My 5-year old student has been starting to be more cooperative in producing some speech sounds. While working on some early consonants, he started humming “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”. When I continued on, he smiled brightly and swayed. He knows work-life balance early on! He may serve as a reminder to pause and do something fun in between our busy schedules.


Be aware and inquisitive

Here goes my 9-year old boy who loves watching the news, Netflix….and asking questions. I’m used to asking him wh-questions but he asked me a difficult question over one session, “Why are there bad guys?”. I may not have a definite answer to his question but it made me pause, be more conscious and reflect on the incidents around us. We may not provide answers but I guess a hug and smile towards our friends, families, students and colleagues may bring ease somehow.

Admit your mistake and apologize  

My 8-year old student who used to be uninterested towards his communicative partners and environment has evolved to an attentive boy. He is now conscious of changes in facial expressions and vocal tones during communication. He would show concern by saying “Sorry, teacher….happy teacher” to apologize and to brighten teacher’s mood.  May this little boy remind us to recognize when we are at fault, take responsibility and make an effort to patch-up the situation.

I thought of sharing this as we bid farewell to 2019 and welcome 2020 to remind us that children enlighten us and impart growth in us throughout the years. Listen carefully to their simple words and be observant on their small actions because behind these lie great teachings that inspire us to continue learning and growing. Thank you, dear HeadStart students for a wonderful 2019, it has been truly enlightening and we await the coming lessons you are to offer!



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