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Beyond Therapy: The Greatest Hits

Posted on Monday, November 25, 2019 by 1 minute

Hello readers! Thanks for joining us for another edition of HeadStart for Life’s blog, Beyond Therapy.

It’s getting close to the time of year when we stop to take a moment to reflect on our lives, both to be grateful for the good, and to learn to become even better. In this spirit, this week, we take a look at some of our favourite posts from years past.


  1. Connect With Me

    In this post, we looked at the different approaches that can be used to help your child to develop, and discussed which of these approaches is the most effective.

  2. Getting the Most Out of Your Toys

    O Fred Donaldson once said that children not only learn through play, but that they also learn how to learn through play. Here, we discussed the best ways to use common toys to facilitate language development across various age groups.

  3. Understanding Self-Regulation: Why Can’t My Child Seem to Regulate Himself?

    An important component to a child’s development that is often overlooked is his or her sensory needs. In this post, we discussed the dreaded complaint: “He knows he should not do that, but still, he will do it again and again.” and the reasons that this might be occurring.child-1099770_1280

  4. How to Manage Attention-Seeking Behaviours

    All children thrive given parental attention, and they can, for a variety of reasons, sometimes find very creative means to achieve that desired attention. Here, we highlighted strategies to overcome these behaviours and instill positive behaviours in their stead.cereal-1444495_640

  5. 7 Ways to Manage “Problematic” Behaviours During Mealtimes

    Sometimes, difficult behaviour spills over into daily routines, and mealtimes can be especially challenging. In this post, we looked at the reasons these behaviours might occur, and offered various suggestions to curb them. 0S2A2217

  6. Early Intervention for Children With Special Needs

    Sometimes, books, strategies, and all the helpful tips and tricks in the world aren’t enough. Therapeutic services may be the most effective way to ensure the best for your child. Here, we described the warning signs to look out for when deciding the best time to seek professional help.

  7. The Importance of Involving Parents in the Therapy Process

    Should your child require therapy, we cannot stress enough the role that parents play in their child’s development. As therapists, we see your child for an hour a week, perhaps two, but the majority of their time is spent with mummy and daddy. In this post, we talked about this special bond and the impact parents have on their children.P1 reg

  8. How to Know If Your Child is Ready For Primary 1

    Our final throwback post addresses a question that is often on our parents’ minds: is my child ready for primary school? Here, we discussed important factors to consider when making this major decision.

We hope you’ve found one, if not more, helpful posts today! We at HeadStart for Life are only a phone call away, and ready to provide any help that we can. Stay tuned to our blog for more great content soon!

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