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Speech Therapy

Helping Your Child Develop Joint Attention

Hello everyone! Welcome back to HeadStart for Life’s blog, Beyond Therapy! Imagine this… 14-month-old George looks out the window, points to a bird, then looks back at his mother to see if

2 years ago by 2 minutes

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Connect With Me

Welcome back to HeadStart for Life’s Beyond Therapy blog! As a speech-language therapist, I help children reach their developmental communication milestones. I know if a child makes progress by obse

2 years ago by 1 minute

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Speech Therapy

My Toddler Has a Communication Deficit

Welcome back to our blog, Beyond Therapy! My baby boy reached his one-year-old milestone last month! Instead of the happy baby I thought he would grow to be, he has grown in other ways. He has grown t

3 years ago by 2 minutes

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Speech Therapy

Gesturing: Its Importance For Language Development

“When will my child begin to talk?” This is a question speech-language pathologists are frequently asked by parents. In response to this question, I ask the question: “Is your child gesturing?

3 years ago by 3 minutes

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Too Young To Read?

As a Speech-Language therapist, I am always on the lookout for materials that can be used in my therapy sessions. One of my favorite materials is children’s books because of the versatility of using

4 years ago by 3 minutes

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